We possess the ability, and the commitment, to address the most acute coring challenges in pursuit of your objectives: ever more efficient coring operations and reduced costs.

Advanced Coring Solutions

Advanced coring solutions

Our advanced coring services have evolved – and continue to evolve – because we know that core quality is key to shaping operational plans and investment.
Conventional Coring Solutions

Conventional coring solutions

Our standard core barrels feature a simplicity of design and precision of machining that have been trademarks of our products for over 50 years.
Wellsite Surface Data Acquisition Solutions

Wellsite surface data acquisition solutions

Core Data acquisition can start as soon as the core is recovered to surface. The Reservoir Group range of solutions allows core data acquisition to begin at the wellsite.
Wellsite Surface Handling and Processing Solutions

Wellsite surface handling and processing solutions

Wireline Retrievable Solutions

Wireline retrievable solutions

Our range of wireline coring solutions deliver all the efficiencies associated with a process that minimizes drilling disruption and maximizes coring success.