Advanced coring solutions

Our advanced coring services have evolved – and continue to evolve – because we know that core quality is key to shaping operational plans and investment.

Solutions for Coring Fractured Formations

Solutions for coring fractured formations

Coring in fractured formations can lead to some of the most challenging operations. Reservoir Group delivers a range of solutions that can be combines to improve coring recovery, quality and efficiency, saving both rigtime and money.
Solutions for Coring Unconsolidated Formations

Solutions for coring unconsolidated formations

Coring in unconsolidated and soft formations presents a different set of coring challenges. Reservoir Group has solutions that combat these challenges such as weak rock strength, retaining the core and full recovery to surface
Solutions for Measurement and Fluid Recovery

Solutions for measurement and fluid recovery

Gathering and retaining reservoir information, such as formation fluids, gases and in-situ structural data, in the most pristine condition possible is of prime importance. Reservoir Group provides a range of solutions to measure and recover this data providing added value to any coring operation.