Solutions for coring fractured formations

Coring in fractured formations can lead to some of the most challenging operations. Reservoir Group delivers a range of solutions that can be combines to improve coring recovery, quality and efficiency, saving both rigtime and money.

Easy Entry Technology

Easy entry technology

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Galileo Jam Mitigation Technology

Galileo jam mitigation technology

Reservoir Group has developed several jam mitigation solutions with our Galileo Jam Mitigation technology being developed for the QC 6 ½” core barrel platform and utilises sliding sleeves inside the Inner Barrel Assembly which allow for a total of up to two core jams within the Inner Barrel Assembly.
JAM Advanced Warning System JAWS

JAM advanced warning system jaws

Reservoir Group had developed the Jam Advanced Warning System as an aid to core jam detection during coring operations.
On Ice Technology

On ice technology

‘On-Ice’ is an innovative technology designed to improve efficiency and combat the problem of core jamming. Jamming is the primary issue associated with coring cost and the degradation of core quality.
Sealed Barrings and Fast Ball Sub

Sealed Bearings and fast ball sub

The Sealed Bearing Unit has been designed to further increase the independency of the inner barrel assembly from the outer barrel, reducing inner barrel rotation and other forces generated by the rotation of the outer barrel assembly.
Soft Pro Full Closure Coring System

Soft pro full closure coring system

The Soft-Pro Gyro Head is an innovative upper head design which allows the inner barrel to rest freely within the outer barrel, ensuring total independence between the inner and outer barrels.