Easy entry technology

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Easy Entry Technology

During coring operations the majority of core jam incidents occur within the Inner Barrel Shoe area, as the core passes through the catcher. Traditional spring type core catchers, by their very design, will interact with the core which generates additional forces and friction that cause disturbance to the core. This increases the likelihood of a jam event happening.

Reservoir Group has developed its Easy Entry Technology to help reduce both friction and additional forces generated and allow smooth and free entry of the core. The Easy Entry Catcher has replace the traditional tungsten carbide grit with a riffle type internal profile that reduces friction with the core and ensures smooth entry.

Ease of entry for the core can be further enhanced with the additional of the Easy Entry Shoe. This allows the ‘On-Ice’ liner to be located closer to throat of the core head and just just behind the Easy Entry catcher. Core friction is reduced with the On-Ice Technology, again decreasing the risk of the core jamming.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces core jamming in fractured or inter-bedded formations.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other jam mitigation technology, e.g. On-Ice, Sealed Bearing.
  • Easy core release avoids destroying the bottom part of the core