JAM advanced warning system jaws

Reservoir Group had developed the Jam Advanced Warning System as an aid to core jam detection during coring operations.

When the core jams inside the Coring Assembly the weight on bit is transferred from the core head and outer barrel onto the Inner Barrel Assembly. This upward axial force generates a system pressure spike which can be detected through the surface parameters. Traditional core jam detection methods relying on the coring engineer monitoring these surface parameters and identifying these spikes. Depending on the type of formation and downhole conditions this can be hard for even experienced coring personnel to detect and interpret.

The JAWS tool utilises the upward axial force generated by the core jam on the Inner Barrel to shear a set of pins within the tool and create a clear pressure spike sign that is easily detected through the surface parameters.  This then allows quick confirmation of the core jam and termination of the core run, preventing milling and damage to the core and coring equipment. Core Quality and recovery is also improved significantly.

The JAWS tool is available in two sizes and can be set for a variety of formation types and strengths.