Solutions for measurement and fluid recovery

Gathering and retaining reservoir information, such as formation fluids, gases and in-situ structural data, in the most pristine condition possible is of prime importance. Reservoir Group provides a range of solutions to measure and recover this data providing added value to any coring operation.

Gas TrapperTM

Gas trapper™

Gas Trapper™ allows a rapid and safe assessment of eventual gas presence as well as to identify the composition of the gases themselves.
Liquid TrapperTM

Liquid trapper™

Liquid Trapper™ provides the means to accurately determine oil saturation.
Mag ProTM

Mag pro™

Mag-Pro™ is specially configured with the Reservoir Group sealed bearing unit to reduce the occurrence of inner barrel rotation.
Orient ProTM

Orient pro™

Orient-Pro™ utilizes a magnetic surveying device and a marking device to determine core orientation.