Orient pro™

Orient-Pro™ utilizes a magnetic surveying device and a marking device to determine core orientation.

Combined with depth, the data provides the three dimensional position of the core extracted from the subsurface. Structural information is then defined by the orientation of bedding planes and faults encountered throughout the core. The orientation can further be used to calculate critical parameters such as formation dip, strike angle, formation anisotropy, and stress direction. An understanding of these parameters allow for better exploitation of the resource.

Orient-Pro™ utilizes a magnetic surveying device and a marking device to determine core orientation. The core is "marked" by a scribe ring positioned within the lower shoe. The ring contains three, inwardly facing tungsten blades which etch a scribe line onto the core as it enters the inner barrel. The three blades are angularly positioned so as to identify a reference line along the length of the core. This reference line is then aligned with the survey tool positioned at the top of the inner barrel.

The magnetic survey tool is locked within a non-magnetic collar to ensure interference is not encountered from the steel assembly. The Orient-Pro™ system also provides a locking and latching mechanism to positively lock the survey tool in place, thus protecting the tool from mechanical and hydraulic disturbances which falsify orientation computations. Once the tool is locked in place, the angular offset to the reference scribe is recorded. The survey tool records the direction and inclination of the core as it is being cut. This information is matched to the specific depth for each survey taken to identify its position in space. At surface, the depth, inclination and azimuth is recorded along the length of the core according the survey density.

The Orient-Pro™ system from Reservoir Group provides reliable core orientation and superior operational advantages. The system allows full circulation to flush the inner tube prior to coring via use of the Reservoir Group Fast Ball Sub. The core barrels are tripped to bottom as normal with mud flow cleaning the inner barrel. Once on bottom, the Fast Ball Sub is hydraulically activated to divert flow to the annulus.

The Reservoir Group Orient-Pro™ system ensures the survey tool will not back-off in any coring condition, including highly deviated and horizontal applications. In combination with the 'EMS' electronic survey system, oriented coring proceeds like standard coring without interruptions for surveys. Surveys are continuously recorded at a specified time frequency.