Conventional coring solutions

Our standard core barrels feature a simplicity of design and precision of machining that have been trademarks of our products for over 50 years.

Inner Core Barrel Platforms

Inner core barrel platforms

Reservoir Group offers a range of standard inner barrels for all of our core barrel platforms. Unlike our Thin Sleeve System (TSS), which has reusable components, these inner barrels are disposable, which reduces the amount of handling and disturbance to the core itself when recovered on surface
Core Heads

Core heads

Reservoir Group offer a comprehensive range of core heads, exhibiting numerous unique features that enhance core quality and coring performance.


The Gyrohead is the upper portion of Reservoir Group’s double bearing system within our CP Core Barrel family.
Outer Core Barrel Platforms

Outer core barrel platforms

The Reservoir Group coring concept has been specifically designed to enable the retrieval of longer, higher quality cores. This concept has been built on two distinct families of core barrel platforms that offers complete coverage for the full spectrum of coring applications and hole sizes.
Split Lay Down Sub

Split lay down sub

Reservoir Group Split Lay-Down Sub [SLDS] assemblies allow for quick and efficient handling of long coring runs.
Spring Core Catcher

Spring core catcher

The Spring Catcher is designed to catch a variety of conventional lithologies from soft and consolidated all the way up to very hard types.