Outer core barrel platforms

The Reservoir Group coring concept has been specifically designed to enable the retrieval of longer, higher quality cores. This concept has been built on two distinct families of core barrel platforms that offers complete coverage for the full spectrum of coring applications and hole sizes.

Outer Core Barrel Platforms

Reservoir Group believes that correct stabilization is one of the most important factors governing a successful coring operation. Without the outer barrel being properly stabilized, bending within the well bore is imminent. Reservoir Group developed its CP Core Barrel Family through researching the positioning of its stabilizers and determined that optimal stabilization could be achieved using core barrels in 20 ft. stabilized sections. For high angle and horizontal holes, a stabilizer can be placed midway in the lower section, giving three stabilizers within the bottom 20 ft.

For more coring operations where ultra-stabilization is not the driving requirement then more traditional 30 ft. core barrel sections are available from the Reservoir Group QC Core Barrel Family.


  • Heavy Duty, Ultra Stabilized Core Barrel Platforms for Advanced, HTHP and Deepwater, Offshore applications
  • More traditional Core Barrel Platforms for Conventional and Wireline coring applications


  • Modular system approach allowing greater flexible in coring assembly length
  • Premium Heavy Duty, double shouldered thread connections
  • Increased Reliability and Improved core quality
  • Transfer of power through core barrel to core head without losses due to buckling
  • Ability to run either conventional or Thin Sleeve System (TTS) Inner Barrel Assemblies
  • 20 ft., Heavy duty, ultra-stabilized sections available with the Reservoir Group CP Core Barrel family
  • Increased Outer Barrel Stabilization improves hole gauge and concentricity
  • More traditional 30 ft. sections available with the Reservoir Group QC Core Barrel family