Solutions for rapid data acquisiton while the core is still on location

Via our specially-developed transportable core processing modules, data acquisition such as gamma ray logging, core photography, porosity measurements, and structural analysis can occur at the wellsite. Information is available to customers within hours of the core reaching the surface

Core Gamma Logger

Core gamma logger

Reservoir Group core gamma logging unit is a hand held source-less spectral device which records Uranium, Thorium, Potassium and Total gamma radiation counts emitted from recovered cores.
Core Quickview

Core quickview

Reservoir Group Core Quick View provides a visual log representation of the core at wellsite. This can only be achieved thanks to the Reservoir Group Half Moon technology.
Coring Imaging with Structural Analysis

Core imaging with structural analysis

Reservoir Group has a key strategic alliance with Corias to provide the means for on-site reorientation and structural analysis of the core.
Xtreme UV and Core End-Face Photography

Xtrem UV™ and core end-face photography

Xtrem UV™ unit is designed to take photographs of the exposed end of core encased in a liner with limited core handling.