Solutions for core recovery from the rigfloor

Our full range of solutions and services that allow the core to be safely and efficiently recovered from the Core Barrel and removed from the rigfloor.

Core laydown cradle

Core laydown cradle

The lay down cradle ensures the length of core remains rigid as it is moved to the catwalk and/or core processing site.
Core laydown shuttle

Core laydown shuttle

For onshore coring operations where rig space for processing the core is not at a premium then Reservoir Group can deploy its Core Laydown Shuttle as a safe and cost effective alternative to Core Laydown Cradles.
Dual Activity Core Recovery Kit

Dual activity core recovery kit

Due to the high operating costs in both deep water and ultra-deep water environments Reservoir Group has developed a specialised Dual Activity Core Recovery Kit that allows longer cores to be recovered, both quickly and safely offline.
Shear Plate

Shear plate

The Reservoir Group shear plate mechanism is designed to operate easily and safely while maintaining the integrity of the core.