Dual activity core recovery kit

Due to the high operating costs in both deep water and ultra-deep water environments Reservoir Group has developed a specialised Dual Activity Core Recovery Kit that allows longer cores to be recovered, both quickly and safely offline.

Dual Activity Core Recovery Kit

By utilising the availability of dual derricks on most modern deep water rigs longer, core filled coring assemblies can be separated, then moved to the offline derrick, reducing non-productive time usually associated with core recovery operations.

Specialised handling subs within the Dual Activity Core Recovery kit allow the Outer Barrel, with the core filled Inner Barrel still in place to be broken down and moved to the offline derrick. A new, pre-dressed Coring Assembly can now be picked up from the offline derrick and made up and ran in the hole, independent of the recovery of core from the previous coring assembly.


Specialised Outer Barrel Handling Subs to safely lift split coring assemblies to the offline derrick.
Inner Barrel Split Laydown Subs (SLDS) to allow the Inner Barrel Assembly to be split without rotation
A hydraulic Split Recovery System (SRS) for severing the core  
A Spill Tray to capture and divert drilling fluid from the Coring Assembly during recovery operations.


Saves Non Productive Time (NPT) through continuous recovery and re-dress operations.
Allows longer coring assemblies to be run, again saving rig time as the number of overall core runs is reduced.
Improves core quality as the SLDS and SRS reduce mechanic damage to the core during the core recovery operation, increasing the amount of usable core