Wireline retrievable solutions

Our range of wireline coring solutions deliver all the efficiencies associated with a process that minimizes drilling disruption and maximizes coring success.

Conventional Wireline Solutions For Both Slimhole and Large Diameter Cores

Conventional wireline solutions for both slimhole and large diameter cores

Our wireline solutions to provide larger diameter cores in the slimhole and more conventional sized cores from larger wellbores.
Solutions for Drilling

Solutions for drilling

Our solution that enhances the efficiency of a wire line coring system by lowering a bit into the center of the core head creating a full hole drill bit and avoid tripping the Coring Assembly between coring targets.
Wireline Solutions for Capturing Insitu Formation Fluids

Wireline solutions for capturing insitu formation fluids

Our revolutionary solution that allows up to 100% of all in-situ gases and liquids to be collected at safe working pressures, giving a complete and accurate picture of the reservoir to guide productivity.