Wireline solutions for capturing insitu formation fluids

Our revolutionary solution that allows up to 100% of all in-situ gases and liquids to be collected at safe working pressures, giving a complete and accurate picture of the reservoir to guide productivity.

QuickCapture™ Wireline Retrievable Pressure Coring System

Quantifying reservoir fluids is critically important when assessing the economics of developing a field as part of an exploration program. This makes the collection of core samples along with all reservoir fluids extremely valuable when evaluating the target reservoir.

The specialized QuickCapture tool encapsulates a pressurized core sample in a variable-volume sealed system that allows sample recovery at safe working pressures. Once the core sample is cut, the QuickCapture tool is activated via wireline, initiating valve closure. The sample chamber incorporates highly-perforated sleeves, internal flow areas, and a main valve positioned at the bottom of the chamber. These features promote the movement of oil and gas release by the core upwards to the top of the chamber, thus minimizing the loss of sample fluids.

During the trip to surface, as hydrostatic pressure decreases, the reservoir fluids released by the core expand, generating a differential pressure across the main valve ensuring a positive seal. Now fully-sealed, the tool continues to ‘capture’ core fluids under-pressure in a variable-volume chamber until the surface recovery operations.

The system has been deployed effectively in conventional and unconventional formations and delivers the largest diameter and longest cuts of pressurised core currently available.

Running our game-changing QuickCore™ wireline coring platform, operators can choose to take conventional wireline or pressure cores through multiple zones while switching back and forth without tripping the drill string for value added, low risk coring.


  • Drill Pipe Conveyed & Wireline-Retrievable Platforms
  • Core Diameter – 3” (76mm) and 4” (102mm)
  • Core Length – 10 ft. (3m)
  • Pressure and Temperature Recording Transducers
  • QuickDrill compatible (Wireline-Retrievable Platform)


Operates in conventional or unconventional wells. In addition to standard core analysis data, QuickCapture™ can deliver enhanced reservoir data, some of which could not be acquired otherwise:

  • OOIP – Original Oil In Place
  • OGIP – Original Gas In Place
  • GOR – Gas/Oil Ratio
  • Direct measurements of saturations
  • Gas content with no lost gas
  • Pore Pressure
  • Reservoir fluid analysis