Drilling Tools

TAZ unlimited activation circulating sub

Taz™ unlimited activation circulating sub

Unlike any other circulating sub on the market, the TAZ™ retains a non-restricted through bore during normal operations with unlimited activations as the TAZ™ Ball disappears.
Cedar Drilling Turbines

Cedar drilling turbines

Cedar Turbine proves superior performance on high temperature and high pressure wells, it's a 100% metallic and can run with Impreg or PDC bits.

Shingleback™ Stabiliser

We have developed an innovative and versatile product in the ShingleBack™ IB stabiliser.

WedgeTail™ Roller Reamer

Roller Reamers main purpose is to smooth the wall finish, maintain full gauge hole size, improve bit performance and bit life, reduce torque and vibration, and to ream out dog legs, key seats and ledges. The WedgeTail™ provides this and much more.