Cedar drilling turbines

Cedar Turbine proves superior performance on high temperature and high pressure wells, it's a 100% metallic and can run with Impreg or PDC bits.

Cedar team has a wealth of experience providing a competitive high quality Turbodrilling Service to the Oil and Gas drilling sector. 
The senior personnel in the company bring with them over 30 years’ experience in Turbodrill design, engineering, drilling operations and management and a desire and determination to provide a first class service to our customers.

As a growing business line, Cedar is able to react quickly to new markets and customer technical or operational challenges. Cedar provides state of the art downhole turbines, which incorporate the latest advances in hydraulics, component design and material engineering. The group is committed to the delivery of a quality service and is certified ISO 9001. Innovation is key business objective and Cedar provides a number of advanced and exclusive features exceeding client expectations.
Cedar currently provides Turbodrilling services in 3.3/4" to 17./12" hole sizes, the tools are suitable for use in a wide range of performance drilling applications including steerable, high temperature, underbalanced and vertical wells. In fact, in any application that can benefit from the inherent steerability, reliability and high power delivery of Cedar drilling turbines.

Straight-hole and Directional turbines from 2 7/8''OD to 9 1/2'' OD
Improved Blade efficiency and bearings design delivering superior drilling performance
Exclusive eXtreme Double Bent (XDB) adjustable on rig site for challenging well profiles
100% metallic turbines for HP/HT wells, developing high torque turbine to drive PDC bits
Independent Turbine supplier exclusively driven by performance
Comprehensive cure for bit sticking risks with Cedar AST - Anti sticking Technology:

eXtreme Rotary Reaming (XRR) = Preventive solution while drilling
eXtreme Torque Clutch (XTC) = Curative Solution to free stuck bit
eXtreme Lower Configuration (XLC) = Preventive solution while drilling
eXtreme Retrieval Solution (XRS) = Safe recovery of full BHA