Shingleback™ Stabiliser

We have developed an innovative and versatile product in the ShingleBack™ IB stabiliser.

We have developed an innovative and versatile product in the ShingleBack™ IB stabiliser.

It was initially built for the domestic Australian market and the unique conditions it presents, with the concept was conceived following a customer’s frustration with bit balling. The design proved to be extremely successful, not only eliminating the bit balling problem but reducing down hole torque and vibration. Due to its success and versatility it is now being offered to drilling operations worldwide as a viable alternative to sleeve type stabilisers.

The ShingleBack™ is sold outright as a disposable IB stabiliser that can be used on multiple wells. We specifically moved away from the stabiliser rental market to avoid the traditional grey areas associated with redress, and specifically to avoid the continuous re-welding of hard facing that eventually damages premium steel – resulting in DBR charges or worse!


  • Product integrity – what you buy, is new! 
  • No welding causing heat effected zones in parent material
  • Premium grade carbide used for better wear protection – helical positioned carbide; ensuring one piece protects the next 
  • No spalling hard facing to junk up in your hole
  • Large corner radius in blades provides thinner blades -reducing side wall drag & torque and increasing flow by area for reduced chances of sticking in the hole
  • Melon profile Blades
  • Profiled milled waterways to fishing neck profile to increase flow by
  • Short cylindrical upset region
  • Nearbit gets as close to the bit as possible – no bottom hole fishing neck 
  • Can be customised to your needs – Blade length or width, Helix angle, Total wrap, Left or right handed, Fishing Neck Lengths – modifications only limited by your imagination.

All proprietary tools are engraved with valuable information such as serial numbers, size of the tool, product name and logo and all tools are signed with our founder’s signature. This signature serves multiple purposes. It acts as a quality stamp; everything we make, we sign, we own, we believe in, we stand by. It also acts as a sign of authenticity.