WedgeTailâ„¢ Roller Reamer

Roller Reamers main purpose is to smooth the wall finish, maintain full gauge hole size, improve bit performance and bit life, reduce torque and vibration, and to ream out dog legs, key seats and ledges. The WedgeTailâ„¢ provides this and much more.

The WedgeTail™ Roller Reamer has two important advantages. High-grade specialised steel and an innovative stationary pressure equalisation component developed by Reservoir Group giving the cutters an extended life, while the patented Taloc™ locking mechanism in the WedgeTail™ Roller Reamer means that cutters can be safely replaced in as little as 30 minutes.

The WedgeTail™ is simple to redress, easy to maintain and has never cracked in the pocket due to its design; historically the Roller Reamers major problem over the past 15-20 years.

Simple One Piece Cartridge Design

• Self locating, self orientation to a truly neutral alignment
• No residual stresses prior, during or after dressing
• Easy to dress and undress

Pocket design utilises longitudinal locking forces rather than traditional radial locking

• Allows thinner pockets and blades
• Stronger design

Flow by and upset length

• Greater cuttings removal
• Reduction of Possibility of Balling
• Reduction of Hole choking and pressure differentials
• Increase in ROP

Greater Carbide Efficiency – Helical positioned carbide to provide constant 3 point contact and equalised thrust forces provides better hole quality

• Premium grade carbide
• Helical design, each individual piece of carbide if overlapping the next piece
• Reduction of intermittent torque
• Smoother Hole finish
• Bi-directional as standard allowing constant back reaming
• 90% of Carbide located on gauge diameter, over the centre of bearing shaft

Advanced Stationary Pressure Equalisation

• Sintered filter used to transfer down hole pressure to bearing cavity
• Stationary design, no moving parts, makes for improved reliability

Superior Bearing cavity to increase drilling time

• Patented Stabiliser band technology
• High pressure and temp Grease: Tool rated to 220°celcius standard, HPHT options available up to 310°celcius operational peaks
• Advanced bearing material for differential hardness

Stress relief in body to enhance cutter flushing and cooling of cutters, to allow body flex, reduce fatigue cracking and communication of flow by areas

• Allows body flex, reduces fatigue
• Allows communication of Flow-By areas

Sizes: 5-7/8” – 28” Gauge Sizes, other sizes available on request
All designs are run through finite analysis on site prior to manufacture. 
All proprietary tools are engraved with valuable information such as serial numbers, size of the tool, product name and logo, and all tools are signed with our founder’s signature for ease of identification and logistics.