Gas detection

Gas Detection Equipment 

Mlogger 1 Gas Chromatograph (C1-C4, CO2, H2S)


Mlogger 2X Gas Chromatograph (C1-C5, CO2, H2S)


Mlogger 3 Gas Chromatograph (Rack Mount) (C1-C5)


TGU       (Pit-based Total Gas Detector)


Retina   (Pit-based C1 to C5, CO2 Gas Analyzer)


Encounter 1100 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer (F.I.D.)


Encounter 2100 Single Channel F.I.D. (90 SEC, C1-C5)


Encounter 2100 Dual Channel High Speed F.I.D. (45 SEC. C1-C5)


Encounter 3100X High Speed F.I.D. (30 SEC, C1-C5)


Discovery 9200X Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (C1-C12)


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