Onshore and Offshore Mud Logging

Onshore Mud Logging 

  • Our ability to deliver an extensive service offering across our market tiers is unmatched in our industry. Having logged over 22,000 wells with over 35 years of experience, our large staff of wellsite geologists are experienced in all major plays across the United States. We possess the ability and track record to deliver on price, quality and experience which has made us the fastest growing surface logging and mud logging company in North America.
  • We combine the most effective ways of gathering data with the finest interpreting service available. Reservoir Group Surface Logging are the leaders in many fields – in training and development, in the experience of the people we put in the field, in the technology we deploy. And last but not least, in the level of service we offer to ensure that we match exactly your requirements to help you get the maximum return on your investment.
  • Rig monitoring system (EDR)
  • Remote monitoring 24/7 from Houston, Texas
  • Remote well data management
  • Paleontologist

Offshore Mud Logging 

  • OVER 2,000 Wells have been mud logged by Reservoir Group on shelf & Ultra Deepwater operations. 
  • Offshore Capabilities
    • Wellsite geologists
    • Data engineers
    • Mud loggers 
    • Sample catchers
    • Pore pressure and prediction engineers
      • Onsite
      • Remote center


  • The offer of unmatched field staff experience of specialized surface logging experts is one that Reservoir Group is proud to offer. Many of our offshore data engineers have double-digit years of offshore experience. Our surface loggers are all cross-trained in the detection and prediction of abnormal pressure. We focus our top hands in the offshore environment in order to provide the experience needed to manage the mud logging requirements of your offshore drilling program.

Reservoir Group Surface Logging continuously demonstrates the ability to independently verify and analyze the data from the wellsite. With a complete offering of rig sensors that can act as either a primary or backup EDR system. With at least two sources of data, discrepancies can be identified and corrected, thus ensuring the highest quality of data from your wells.

Cutting edge equipment, high end gas extraction, analysis and top notch R&D is what our stakeholders hold us to. 

Reservoir Group Surface Logging maintains exceptional communication back to the client’s office. The Rig2Web software allows our clients and their partners to view the real time data onsite, including the lithology. Additionally, the software allows for the user to export the data into an ASCII file (.LAS) at any time. Our Remote Operations Center in Houston, TX is staffed every hour of every day and provides an additional communication link to the rig. 

Reservoir Group also contains companies in many fields of sample and reservoir analysis. From coring to performing mineralogical sample testing, Reservoir Group offers the sample collection and laboratory testing of all geological or gas samples desired.