Reservoir Group Premier Training & Development Program has been designed to ensure every member of staff knows exactly what is expected of them and how they can contribute to the success of the overall project. It is defined by the drive to offer you a better service by ensuring the people we put on your project are the best prepared in the industry.

They are trained to get the best out of the most advanced equipment, to interpret and understand the feedback and data they receive in real time, and to make decisions that can help you get the maximum return from your reservoir.
And of course, they train to maintain the highest levels of safety in the workplace. Protecting our people, your people and your investment.

Customers & Staff

Premier Training – preparing to succeed.

Premier Training has one clear goal – to ensure that our people are the best in the industry. A client investing millions of dollars in developing a reservoir should expect nothing less. It focuses on developing skills that can make a real difference at the wellhead. Understanding how to get the most out of the technology, and the most out of the reservoir, while ensuring maximum safety at all times.

The program is built on four key principles:

Structure – there is a clear progression plan built into a career at Empirica which means the people we train are more likely to stay. Everyone knows where they fit and what their function is.

Transparency – everyone knows what their job and everyone else’s job is, which helps them trust each other and work better together.

Accountability – if every individual’s responsibility is clear, then it’s easier for us to ensure those responsibilities are carried out effectively and identify where improvements can be made.

Evaluation – because we can be objective with our people about their performance, we can help them improve, which means they help us improve.

Premier Training allows us attract and retain the top people, ensure effective management, maintain the highest safety standards and provide you with the very best Surface Logging service.