Annular Flow Sub

The Reservoir Group Annular Flow Sub has been designed to allow switching of flow between the annulus and Through-Bore of a Coiled Tubing BHA

annular-flow-subFlow is diverted once per run by circulating a drop-ball to the tool.  The tool configuration can be changed on location to suit requirements.

The tool is fitted with a receptacle which can hold various nozzle sizes and blanks.  The tool can be configured such that the majority of flow is directed to the annulus and the remainder is directed through the BHA.  Alternatively, a blank plug can be fitted which will direct all flow to the annulus.  This can be especially useful when running inflatable packers as it helps to ensure the packer will not inflate prematurely.

When the required depth is reached, a drop-ball is pumped to the Annular Flow Sub.  An increase in pressure will be observed as the ball seats in the tool.  When the pins in the tool are sheared, the tool is activated and surface pressure will be observed to reduce.  The annulus ports are sealed and flow is directed through the bore of the BHA.


Design Features

  • Single Use Per Run
  • Surface Indication of Successful Activation
  • Controlled Setting of Inflatable Down-Hole Components
  • Can be Fitted With Various Nozzles, or Blanks to Suit Requirements
  • Allows Flow to be Fully or Partially Diverted Between the Annulus and BHA Bore