Bi-Directional Jar and Accelerators

The Reservoir Group Well Intervention Bi-Directional Hydraulic Jar & Accelerator’s primary function is to free stuck equipment in the well bore, and can be ran on Coiled Tubing or Jointed Pipe.

Bi-directional-jar-and-acceleratorRunning the Accelerator in Conjunction with the Bi-Directional Jar Amplifies the Jarring Force Being Applied Downhole.

The Accelerator is designed to achieve maximum stroke length, so maximum impact force is delivered, even if the weight applied is limited.  The Bi-Directional Hydraulic Jar has benefited from comprehensive testing, resulting in a number of new features as standard.  The hydraulic time delay system is compensated for load, temperature and pressure to ensure full jar action in highly deviated wells with high pressures/ temperatures.


  • Load and Pressure/ Temperature-Compensated Time Delay System (Good for 200° C/ 392° F)
  • Rigid, Heavy Duty Debris-Tolerant Mechanical Design, with Good Bending Support in Horizontal Wells
  • High-Torque Capability Able to Withstand Reactive-Torque from Down-Hole Motors
  • Designed to be ran in Gas Wells Without Trapping Internal Pressure
  • Increased Impact Force Versus Load Applied in Both Directions
  • Short Overall Length, Available with H2S Service
  • Simple, Reliable Operation
  • No Setting or Adjustment Required Before Running
  • The Operator Controls the Intensity of Jar Hits
  • Wide Range of Impact by Varying Applied Load