Hydraulic Bow Spring Centeraliser

The Hydraulic Bow Spring Centraliser is used to provide stability and centralisation to a Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA).

Hydraulic-bow-spring-CentealizerThe design allows the BHA to be centralised even if it has to pass through restrictions that are too small for Fixed-Blade Stabilisers.  By pumping fluid through the tool, the piston is activated which expands the bow springs and centralises the BHA.

Reservoir Group Well Intervention Products & Services also produces a Mechanical Bow Spring Centraliser.  This model does not require fluid to circulate through the tool for operation.  Two of these centralisers are normally placed along the length of the BHA to obtain best results.

Design Features

  • Mechanical or Hydraulic Versions Available
  • Standard & H2S Service Versions Available
  • Simple Design & Operation
  • High Bow Spring Expansion