Lead Impression Block

The Lead Impression Block (LIB) is used to make an accurate impression of an obstruction or a fish down hole.

lead-impression-blockWith this impression it is possible to determine the dimensions and configuration of the upper end of a fish as well as its’ condition and position in the well. This information well help determine the selection of the fishing tool required to retrieve the fish.

The Lead Impression Block is a steel cylinder housing with soft lead molded at the bottom.  The LIB is ran on the bottom of a tool string and will be ran in-hole just above the fish or obstruction.  As weight is set slowly onto the fish top/ obstruction, in impression is cast into the lead mold.  Impressions should only be made once prior to pulling out of hole.  Repeated impressions can overlap each other, rendering it impossible to interpret once back on surface.

The Lead Impression Block can be redressed to use again by remolding the lead insert.



  • Provides an impression of the top of a fish or obstruction
  • Low-cost alternative to down-hole cameras
  • Flow-Through design allows circulation through the tool
  • Side-Mounted circulation ports allow-full-face impression
  • Easy to dress & use again