Reservoir Group Magnets

Magnet-toolsSmall pieces can also be fished from a well, i.e. broken fingers from Running/ Pulling Tools.  The magnet tools are available in 2 designs, the Magnet Bar & the Magnet Sub.

The Magnet Bar is ran in the tool string during milling jobs to help remove milling cuttings in situations with either low annular velocity, well fluid with poor carrying properties or the density of the cuttings are too great that they simply cannot be circulated out of the well bore.  Typically the Magnet Bar will be ran directly above the motor or milling assembly.

The Magnet Sub is often used to retrieve lost fingers, grapples or other light metal parts that are broken from Running, Pulling, Fishing or any other type(s) of tools.  The Magnet Sub will be ran at the bottom of a tool string with a Circulating Sub above.


  • Catch Metal Debris, Cutting and Small Metal Pieces
  • Helps to Keep Metal Debris out of the Mud System
  • Magnets are Replaceable
  • The Magnet Bar can be Ran Anywhere in the Tool String



  • These Magnets Can be Custom-Built With Requested ODs & Connections
  • Please Contact Reservoir Group Well Intervention Products & Services  to Discuss Your Magnet Requirements