Bowen Series 150 Overshot

The Bowen Series 150 Overshot is the strongest tool available to externally engage, pack-off and pull a fish.

The basic simplicity and rugged construction with which it is designed has made it the standard for all external fishing tools.

The Bowen Grapple Overshot is composed of three external components: the Drive Sub, Bowl & Guide.  The basic Overshot may be dressed with either two sets of internal parts, depending on whether the fish to be caught is near maximum size for the particular Overshot.

If the fish diameter is near the maximum catch of the Overshot, a Spiral Grapple will be used.

If the fish diameter is considerably below the maximum catch size (usually ½”), a Basket Grapple will be used.

Releasing the tool requires right hand rotation, which cannot be achieved by Coiled Tubing.  If a release feature is required, a releasing tool should be ran above it.

The Grapple Overshot is used when there are parts of the BHA or Coiled Tubing separates down-hole.  It can also be used to reconnect a stuck section of parted Coiled Tubing in order to allow a Chemical Cutter to be ran on wireline.

The Bowen Overshot ranges from 2-1/8” OD – 4-11/16” OD with a catch range of 1” OD – 3-3/4” OD.  Other sizes available upon request.