Bowen Series 70 Overshot

The Series 70 Short-Catch Overshot is specifically designed to engage a portion of a fish too short to engage with a conventional Overshot.

bowen-seriers-70The grapple control is positioned above the basket grapple rather than below it to allow the basket grapple to be placed in the lowest part of the bowl/ as close as possible to the fish top.

 The Overshot can be used in Coiled Tubing and Jointed Pipe operations.  When the Overshot is used in conjunction with Jointed Pipe or in certain Coiled Tubing operations, the Overshot can be released by rotating to the right.


  • Released With Right-Hand Rotation
  • Large Flow-Thru Capability
  • High Tensile Strength for Jarring Operations
  • Proven, Reliable Design
  • Various Catch Sizes Available for Each Tool


  The Grapple Overshot is directly available in a range from 2-5/8” OD to 4-3/8” OD with a Catch range of 2-1/2” – 3-3/8” OD.  Specs Available Upon Request