Flow-Release JDC Pulling Tool

The Flow-Release JDC Pulling Tool is used for the running and retrieval of equipment fitted with an external JDC-style fish neck.

FLow-release-JDC-pulling-toolFor retrieval operations, the tool is ran to depth and over the external fish neck.  The Coiled Tubing is then slowly pulled out of the hole which causes the grapple within the pulling tool to engage the fish neck.  Once latched onto the fish neck, pulling and jarring operations may commence.

To release the Pulling Tool from the fish, the weight is set to neutral and flow through the tool is established.  This creates a pressure differential which releases the grapple from the fish neck, allowing the tool to be pulled free.

The “release” flow rate is altered by changing the nozzle fitted to the tool, and this is easily performed on location.

Design Features

  • Simple, Robust Design With a Minimal Number of Components
  • Interchangeable Grapples With a Wide Range of Catch Sizes
  • Easily Calibrated on Location
  • Available With Threaded Main Body to Allow Over-Size Guides to be Fitted