Flow- Release Slick-Catch Overshot

Reservoir Group’ Flow-Release Slick-Catch Overshot is designed to engage and retrieve tubing or tools with a “slick” (Slim-Hole) outside diameter.

FLow-release-JDC-pulling-toolThe hydraulically-operated Overshot may be repeatedly released from the fish as required.

The tool is ran to depth and located over the slick outside diameter of the fish.  Downward movement causes the grapple to retract and expand into an internal recess.  This allows the fish to enter the tool bore.  The Coiled Tubing string is then moved slowly out of hole, which causes the grapple to engage on the outside diameter of the fish.  Pulling or jarring operations may then commence.

To release the Slick-Catch Overshot from the fish, the weight of the string is set to neutral and flow through the tool can be established.  This creates a pressure differential which releases the grapple, allowing the tool to be pulled free.

The “Release” flow rate is easily altered by changing the nozzle fitted to the tool.  Flow through the tool can also be used to wash debris from the top of the fish prior to latching.

Design Features

  • Simple, Robust Design With a Minimal Amount of Components
  • Interchangeable Grapples For a Wide Range of Catches
  • Easily Field Redressable
  • Available With Threaded Main Body to Allow Over-Sized Guides to be Fitted