KELO- Socket Overshot

The KELO Socket Overshot is specially designed for Coiled Tubing and HWO operations to catch Out-of-Round fish tops.

keloIt is designed to catch fish with a flat moulded top i.e. collapsed tubing or capillary coil, as well as corroded pipe or fish made of hardened material (difficult to make engagement).

This special pulling tool is designed to catch fish externally.  The KELO Socket Overshot has an angled path inside the tool with a big tapered entry on the bottom for a smooth entrance for the fish.  Various sized guides are available for the KELO Socket Overshot to decrease the clearance between the fish and tool in bigger tubulars or casings and achieve better catch chances.

The KELO Socket Overshot has no release possibility of its own.  If a release feature is required, a releasing tool should be ran above it.

Various sized grapples are available for the KELO Socket Overshot to fit 0.125” – 1.25” OD fish.  Other sizes available upon request.



  • Specially Designed to Catch Out-of-Round Fish Tops Where a Standard Overshot Will Not Catch
  • Also Ideal to Catch Corroded Fish or Hardened Material Fish
  • Various Sized Grapples Available Upon Request
Outside Diameter 2-5/8" 67mm
Inside Diameter N/A
Catch Range 0.125" - 1.250" 3.175mm - 31.75mm
Length 29.625" 752mm
Weight 32.3 lbs 14.7 Kgs
Top Connection 1½" AMT
Maximum Tensile Load 93,000 lbs 42,000 Kgs