Hydraulic Indexing Tool

The Hydraulic Indexing Tool is designed to provide slow, controlled rotation of Coiled Tubing BHA.

Hydraulic-Indexing-toolBy simply increasing the flow rate through the nozzle within the tool, the back pressure created moves a hydraulic piston linearly downwards within the tool.  This movement is transferred into a rotary motion, turning the lower end of the tool up to 120° each cycle and up to 1,000 ft/ lbs. torque.

At the end of each cycle, the torque induced is mechanically locked into the tool allowing the piston to return to its initial position.  This cycling process can be repeated as often as required, simply by increasing and decreasing the fluid through the tool.

Design Features

  • Slow, Controlled Rotation of Coiled Tubing BHA
  • Adjustable up to 120° For Each Cycle & 1,000 ft/ lbs of Torque
  • Torque Mechanically Locked Into the Tool After Each Stroke
  • Simple to Redress
  • Pressure Drop on Surface Following Each Cycle