Hydraulic Kick-Over Knuckle Joint

Reservoir Group’ Hydraulic Kick-Over Knuckle Joint has been designed to provide a method of deflecting Coiled Tubing Bottom Hole Assembly from the straight line of the tool string.

Hydraulic-kick-over-knuckle-jointThe tool is activated by increasing the pump rate through the Coiled Tubing.  This activates a piston within the tool and a kick-over of 12° is achieved.

The Hydraulic Kick-Over Knuckle Joint has many useful applications.  It provides a standard BHA with flexibility which can assist in passing through wellbore restrictions.   Additionally, in conjunction with Reservoir Group’ Indexing Tools, lateral sections of a wellbore may be found and entered.  This combination of tools is also useful in locating fish in larger diameter wellbores.  Pressure integrity and a large Through-Bore are features of this tool which also allow off-centre jetting operations to be performed.  They also ensure the safe passage of drop-balls and treatment fluid.

Design Features

  • Pressure Integrity
  • 12° Angle of Deflection
  • Hydraulically Operated
  • Torque-Through Capability
  • Large Bore-Through to Enable Passage of Drop-Balls
  • May be Repeatedly Operated as Required During Deployment