Mechanical Indexing Tool

The Mechanical Indexing Tool from Reservoir Group Well Intervention Products & Services is designed to provide slow, controlled rotation of a Coiled Tubing BHA without the need to pump through the Coil.

Mechanical-indexing-toolThis is particularly useful when used above Fishing and Debris Removal Tools.   The tool is functioned by setting weight down on the BHA & then picking up.  This leads to the lower collar of the tool indexing at a pre-determined angle.  At the end of each stroke, the torque induced is mechanically locked in position by a spring-loaded piston.  Indexing can be repeated as often as desired.

Design Features

  • Slow, Controlled Rotation of Coiled Tubing BHA
  • Adjustable Angle Index
  • Torque Mechanically Locked After Tool Indexes
  • Lateral-Entry Operations When Used in Conjunction With Hydraulic Kick-Over Knuckle Joint
  • Rotational Movement Can Assist Location of External Fish Necks