Flow-Release Slick Catch Spear

The Flow-Release Slick-Catch Spear provides a method of engaging and recovering tubulars or other types of equipment with a slick internal profile.

Flow-release-GS-SpearTo latch onto a fish neck, the tool is ran to depth and landed off in the GS profile.  The downward movement retracts the grapple allowing it to snap into the profile.  Circulation may also be established through the tool prior to making engagement with the fish.  This will set the tool in the release position and the resulting flow can help keep the GS profile.  When the pump is stopped, the tool will return to the latched position and the assembly can be retrieved to surface.

To release the tool from the fish neck, weight is set down on the BHA and the flow rate is increased.  Flow through the tool creates back pressure which acts on an internal piston, causing the grapple to retract into the release position.

The orifice is easily accessible and can be changed so that the release pressure is attained at the desired flow rate.

Design Features

  • Simple, Robust Design With Minimal Number of Components
  • Flow-Through Capability
  • Interchangeable Orifices
  • Easily Field Redressable

Flow-Release-Slick-Catch-SpearThe Slick-Catch Spear can also be used where standard internal fish neck profiles have become damaged preventing the use of standard pulling tools.

The tool can be engaged into a fish simply by setting down minimal weight to overcome the spring force on the grapple.  To release the tool from the fish, simply set down weight on the BHA while circulating at a pre-determined flow rate through the tool.  Flow through the tools’ adjustable orifice creates the back-pressure required to move the latch grapple into the release position.  The internal spring returns the grapple to the engaged position when flow through the tool is stopped.  The tool can be functioned as many times as required.

The Flow-Release Slick-Catch Spear’s adjustable orifice is easily changed to adjust the activation flow rate and pressure to suit each application.  Flow through the tool can also be used to wash debris from above as well as inside the fish top prior to making engagement.


  • Hydraulic Operation, no shear screws required
  • Flow-Through capability
  • Can be functioned multiple times
  • High Tensile strength for jarring operations
  • Torque-Through version also available
  • Range of “Catch” sizes available for each tool