ITCO Spears

The ITCO Spear is a compact design used to engage the fish internally.

ITCO-SpearThe Field-Proven and reliable design provides the strongest tool available to internally engage and pull a fish.

Various grapple sizes are available for each tool to catch a range of tubing sizes or fish IDs.  Pack-off assemblies are also available for most ITCO spears to allow circulation through the fish, if required.

The ITCO spear can be used for Coiled Tubing or Jointed Pipe operations.  When the tool is ran on Jointed Pipe or in certain Coiled Tubing operations, the spear can be released from the fish with right-hand rotation.


  • Released with Right-Hand Rotation
  • Flow-Through Capability
  • High Tensile Strength for Jarring Operations
  • Proven, Reliable Design
  • Various Catch Sizes for Each Tool