Tri-jaw barbed grab

Reservoir Group Well Intervention Products’ Tri-Jaw Barbed Grab is designed to retrieve damaged and broken objects from a wellbore.

tri-jawIt is often used when traditional grapple-style fishing tools have been unsuccessful in retrieving the fish.

The Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) is ran to the required depth and circulation is established through the Coiled Tubing.  When the flow rate is increased, a pressure differential is created across a spring-loaded piston within the Grab, which causes the jaws to expand.  When circulation is stopped, the jaws are quickly returned to the closed position.  The BHA may then be pulled to surface.


Design Features

  • Robust Jaw Design
  • High Expansion Ratio
  • Triple-Jawed to Maximize Catching Potential
  • Blades Retracted into Body When Pressure is Reduced
  • Internal Spring Placement Provides Slick Outside Diameter


Tool Specifications

Tool OD Tensile Yield Maximum Jaw
Expansion Diameter
Activating Pressure Standard Connections
Ø2-½" 61,000 lbs Ø5.000" 430 psi 1-½" AMMT
Ø2.700" 61,000 lbs Ø5.000" 430 psi 1-½" AMMT



  • Other sizes and connections available on request
  • Standard and H2S service versions available
  • Yield values shown are for standard service tools