Banshee 4.5" 5.0" 5.5" Plugs

Reservoir Group Frac & Bridge Plugs are specifically designed for use in horizontal wells                                                                       

  • Composite pins prevent the plug from presetting during pump down                                                                                          
  • A full circumference slip prevents the slips from cracking or breaking until the plug is set 
  • Aggressive locking features ensure lock up during mill outs 

Premium composite materials

  • Variety of temperature ratings 
  • Great chemical resistance 
  • Consistent drill times and debris size 
  • High glass transition temperature means plugs can be left in the hole without risk of softening or degrading 

Plugs are designed for fast mill outs and better wellbore debris management

  • Slotted slips break into predictable small pieces allowing for better circulation to surface, resulting in a cleaner well bore 
  • Material remains in glassy state white downhole
  • No Tungsten, Carbide, or steel to cause coil tubing or casing damage
  • Reduced mass results in better, more consistent mill out times and reduced debris 


  • 4.5" plugs can be set using Baker 10 & Owen 3 5/8 setting adapters 
  • 5.0" plugs can be set using Baker 10 & Owen 3 5/8 setting adapters 
  • 5.5" plugs can be set using Baker 20 & Owen 3 5/8 setting adapters
  • Drop ball kit is included with all Frac plugs