Abrasive cutting equipment

Reservoir Group Well Intervention Products & Services has developed tools for cutting or punching tubing without the need for explosives or chemicals.

Abrasive-cutting-equipmentInstead, an abrasive liquid- a mixture of “cutting sand” and a viscous gel- is used.  The liquid is pumped through the work string at high rates through the cutting nozzle, punching tubing or drill pipe within minutes.

For cutting tubing or drill pipe, a rotating device is included in the work string, combined with a cutting nozzle with tangential holes.  When the abrasive liquid is pumped, the nozzle begins rotating in a controlled manner at approximately 40 RPMs.  The tools can be designed to punch in any direction, to create circulation, or remove an obstruction in the well.

 The Cutting Tool is ran in conjunction with the Hydraulic Anchor Tool.  This is a flow-operated anchoring tool that centralises the string, holding it in place during the cutting or punching operation.  The tangential holes in the cutting nozzle create a rotating force and the nozzle rotates in a controlled manner.

Design Features

  • Smooth Cut- Easy to Access After Operation is Complete
  • Operation is Easily Adjusted by Extending the Pump Time or Increasing Pump Rate
  • No Explosives or Chemicals Required
  • Tools Can be Ran Through Restrictions
  • Also Effective in Corroded or Oval Tubing
  • Operation Can be Tested & Simulated on Surface
  • Tools Rated For H2S & C02 Service