Hydraulic thruster

Reservoir Group Well Intervention Products & Services’ 2-1/8” OD Hydraulic Thruster is specifically designed for Coiled Tubing milling purposes.

hydraulic-thrusterThe Hydraulic Thruster works on the principle of a hydraulic cylinder with a piston.  The Coiled Tubing string and the housing act as the cylinder, while the plunger and tools below (mill, motor, etc.) operate as the piston.  A downward force is created by the pressure inside the cylinder acting on the piston, and depends on the pressure as well as the cross-sectional area of the piston.

 When the Hydraulic Thruster is incorporated into your BHA and the pump pressure and slack-off weight are set correctly, the Hydraulic Thruster will provide an almost constant weight on bit (WOB), and absorb any unforeseen sudden axial movement.