Hydraulic tubing cutter – 3 blade

The Reservoir Group Hydraulic Tubing Cutter is a 3-bladed, hydraulically-activated cutting device used to cut down-hole production tubing, casing and drill pipe.

hydraulic-tubing-cutter  The tool is ran in conjunction with a down-hole motor on Jointed Pipe or Coiled Tubing.  A high expansion hydraulic anchor is also available, and is typically included in the cutting assembly to prevent any movement of the cutter during activation- a common cause of failure.  The tool incorporates a dual-activation piston which increases the axial load on the cutter blades, ensuring a clean and efficient cut.

Circulation through the jet sub creates the internal pressure required to shift the dual-piston and blade cams, forcing the cutter blades to expand.  The jet sub incorporates interchangeable nozzles to adjust the flow rate required to achieve the desired activation pressure.  Upward-facing jets help clean the cut area while also cooling the cutter blades.  On completion of the cut, the spring-loaded blade-return mechanism ensures the cutter blades are returned to the “run-in” position and retained within the body of the tool.

The cutter blades can be dressed with a variety of cutting structures, with each set of blades purpose-built and designed to suit the particular size and grade of tubing/ casing to be cut.

Design Features

  • Dual-Activation Piston for Clean & Efficient Cut
  • Three-Blade Design for Maximum Stability
  • Blades Fully Retracted & Retained Within the Tool
  • Variety of Cutting Structures to Suit All Material Grades
  • Interchangeable Nozzles
  • Fully Field Re-Dressable