MX- Diamond Impreg Mills

Reservoir Group Well Intervention Services can offer a wide range of MX Diamond-Impregnated Mills to solve various down-hole problems for both Coiled Tubing and Jointed Pipe operations.

MX Diamond-Impregnated Mills are made using LPI (Low Pressure Impreg) where grit-sized synthetic diamonds are blended with Tungsten/ Tungsten Carbide Matrix that is molded to form blades in the mill face.  Those blades can then be formed to almost any custom shape.  MX Diamond-Impregnated Mills can be manufactured with a convex or concave profile to self-centre.  The MX Mills are Custom-Made to suit each specific application.

The diamonds on the MX Mill act as much like a diamond grinding rock and they continue to work until fractured or worn, with fresh diamonds exposed as the upper layers slough off, enabling the mill to continue working.  This process can be repeated until the mill is completely worn down.

  MX Mills have been used to cut extremely hard targets including:

  • Case-Hardened Steel
  • Incolloy
  • Carbide
  • Chert
  • Pyrite
  • Chrome


Design Features

  • ½” Circulation Ports For Motor Applications or Standard Circulation
  • Specially Designed for Milling Cement & Composite Plugs



  • These Mills Can be Custom-Built With Required Connections & OD
  • Please Contact Reservoir Group Well Intervention Products & Services to Discuss Your Mill Requirements