Raptor Mills

The Reservoir Group Raptor Mill is designed to remove scale including Barium Sulphate scale, cement and other debris contained in the well bore.

Raptor-MillsThe tools’ sturdy construction and aggressive cutting inserts ensure high material removal rates therefore minimising milling times.  The design allows for a small contact area which results in low torque consumption to reduce stalling of the motor.

The Raptor Mill can be manufactured in various sizes.  Tapered noses also available.

Design Features

  • Wear-Protection From Stabilisation Pads
  • Optional QuickTIP™ Hard-Facing is Available on Stabilisation Pads
  • High Number of Flow Holes for Optimal Debris Flushing
  • Can be Ran on Coiled Tubing & Jointed Pipe
  • Field-Proven on Barium Sulphate Scale Milling