Offset Mills

The Reservoir Group Well Intervention Services’ Offset Mill is an innovative mill designed to pass through restrictions (including casing damage & deformation, over-torqued collars, etc) while still retaining the ability to mill to FULL ID below.

Off-set-mills**  When ran in conjunction with an Reservoir Group Down-Hole Motor, the performance is unmatched!

 Reservoir Group has tremendous experience successfully deploying this proprietary technology on composite bridge plugs and FRAC plugs as well as cement with a proven track record in difficult down-hole conditions, saving our customers incalculable time and money!  

 Design Features

  • Ability to Pass Through Restrictions While Still Retaining Ability to Mill to Full ID Below
  • Fully Customizable to Meet Client’s Specific Requirements
  • Unrivalled Experience With Casing Deformation & Plug Mill Outs
  • Available in Flat-Bottom, Concave or Convex Configuration


**Every well bore is unique.  For Assistance in calculating an Offset Mill that will work for your application, contact us today!



  • These Mills Can be Custom-Built With Requested ODs & Connections
  • Please Contact Reservoir Group Well Intervention Products & Services  to Discuss Your Mill Requirements