Step Mills

Reservoir Group has a wide variety of mills and bits specially designed to be ran on our down-hole motors for Coiled Tubing and Jointed Pipe milling operations.

Step-millsWe are specialists in designing and manufacturing mills to solve various down-hole problems.  The Step Mill is such an example of our ability to do so.

The Step Mill is primarily utilised to mill through nipple profiles/ or obstruction in a client completion.  This may become a requirement to allow access of tooling with an OD which will not fit through the nipple/ obstruction.

It may also be required to mill a nipple to a larger ID to facilitate fishing tools to recover a BHA lost in hole. 

Design Features

  • Stepped to Minimise Surface Contact of Each Step
  • Tungsten Carbide Inserts
  • Crushed Carbide-Dressed Ported Nose
  • Designed & Built to Client’s Specific Requirements



  • These Mills Can be Custom-Built With Required Connections & OD
  • Please Contact Reservoir Group Well Intervention Products & Services to Discuss Your Mill Requirements