Max-Drill (ER 200) Motors

Reservoir Group Well Intervention Services’ MAX-Drill Motor is an extremely durable and adaptable Slim-Hole positive displacement down-hole motor.

Max-drill-ER220It incorporates proven, industry-leading components for highest performance and reliability.  The MAX-Drill motor’s adaptable, modular design provides maximum flexibility.  A wide choice of power sections are available to suit any given application or well environment including high temperature and two-phase fluid applications.

MAX-Drill motors are inspected and assembled in-house to a stringent procedure.  State-of-the-art inspection and measurement equipment is used to guarantee consistent performance and reliability. 

In the unlikely event of a connection failure or “back-off”, a Rotor Catch device is incorporated in all motors to prevent the loss of components down-hole.

MAX-Drill motors can be can be used for a variety of Jointed Pipe or Coiled Tubing  Slim-Hole applications including scale and cement milling, debris removal, under-reaming, cutting, window milling, and plug and packer milling.  They also have proven quite successful in certain fishing applications where down-hole rotation is required.

The high strength bearing sections and drive subs are designed to withstand the most severe bending and cyclical forces encountered during milling and cutting operations.

Design Features

  • Field-Proven, Reliable Components
  • Adaptable, Modular Design
  • Large Selection of Power Sections Available
  • Even Wall Stator Technology for Maximum Power Output
  • High Strength Bearing Section & Drive Sub
  • Rotor Catch Safety Device Incorporated as Standard