Max-Drill (Even Wall Motors)

Reservoir Group’ MAX-Drill Even Wall Positive Displacement Motor (PDM) provides more strength, better durability and increased power output compared with most conventional Coiled Tubing PDMs.

Max-DrillEven Wall PDMs are available in sizes ranging from 1-1/16” through 2-7/8” OD.  Other sizes available upon request.

Design Features:

More Power

Underlying Steel Lobes Permit the Rubber to Achieve a Stronger Seal Resulting in 2X More Power Than Most Conventional Motors

Longer Life

Uniform Thickness of Injected Elastomer in Each Tool Reduces the Probability of “Chunking” due to Hysteretic Failure Since the Elastomer is Structurally Supported by the Steel Tube

Higher Temperature Ratings

Thin, Uniform Thickness of the Rubber Causes it to Expand Nominally With Temperature Changes.  Heat Generated in Standard Drilling Operations is More Readily Dissipated Through the Thin Layer of Rubber, Directly to the Steel Tube.  The Unique Spiral Outer Tube is Designed to Help Transfer Heat From the Rubber Directly to the Outer Tube Allowing For Longer Runs in Higher Temperatures.  These Motors Have Been Ran in Wells  >204° C/399.2° F

Chemical Resistance

Fluids That Tend to Swell or Soften Other Various Rubber Compounds on the Market do Not Effect the Even Wall PDM.  Oil-Based Mud and Synthetic Muds Are no Problem For the Even Wall PDM