Wash-Over Shoes

Reservoir Group Well Intervention Products & Services can provide a full range of rotary Wash-Over Shoes designed and manufactured specifically for Jointed Pipe & Coiled Tubing applications

WashoverWash-Over Shoes can be used for simple clean out operations such as being ran below Venturi Junk Basket for the removal of debris or can be designed for more specialised applications such as dressing the top of a fish or milling over a stuck packer/ plug.

A range of Wash-Over Shoes are available from stock, however most Wash-Over Shoes are designed and manufactured to suit each specific application.

Wash-Over Shoes can be supplied in a variety of sizes and configurations with connections to suit all standard Wash Pipe Sizes.

Shoes can be dressed with a variety of cutting structures including Crushed Carbide, Carbide Inserts, PDC (Poly Crystalline Diamond Compact) and diamond inserts or diamond impregnated.  Various styles of Wash-Over Shoes are available including, but not limited to, Flat-Bottom, Scalloped and Castellated Profiles depending on the operation being performed.

Design Features

  • Designed Specially to Suit Each Application
  • Manufactured Locally for Quick Delivery
  • Robust, Field-Proven Designs & Cutting Structures
  • Variety of Styles & Cutting Structures Available



  • These Wash-Over Shoes Can be Custom-Built With Required Connections & OD
  • Please Contact Reservoir Group Well Intervention Products & Services to Discuss Your Wash-Over Shoe Requirements¬†