Electromagnetic motor test facility (dyno tester)

Reservoir Group Well Intervention Services has its’ own unique Electromagnetic Test Facility (E.M.T.F.) Dyno Tester to test the smaller Positive Displacement Motors (PDMs),

Electromagnetic-Motor-TestsThe E.M.T.F. Dyno Tester tests the PDM for its’ maximum torque and power versus RPM.  The E.M.T.F. Dyno Tester is powered by a 165 horsepower diesel motor.

Once the PDM is secured in the test facility, a fully automatic test program can be started.  The test program will automatically adjust the pump/ motor speed and brake power to measure the maximum torque and power of the PDM.  The unique, high-control electromagnetic eddy brake is able to apply a variable load on the PDM.  The maximum load on the test PDM that can be created is 737 ft/ lbs (1000 NM) at maximum 1000 RPM.  After the test a certificate will be generated with all the test results.

 Specific down-hole well simulations can be performed using a manual test program, with custom inputs, on the EMTF Dyno Tester.  Highly accurate digital sensors allow us to offer reliable test certificates for these custom-simulated environment tests.