Hydraulic tubing anchor

The Hydraulic Tubing Anchor is a device used for anchoring within tubing and casing to prevent any unwanted axial movement of the string below

Hydraulic-tubing-anchorIt is typically ran in conjunction with the Reservoir Group Hydraulic Tubing Cutter to prevent any movement of the cutter which can be detrimental to a successful cut.


The anchor has a high expansion ratio, allowing it to be ran through restrictions within the completion tubing to anchor within a larger ID below.  The tool is hydraulically-activated, normally by the back-pressure created by the tools below, however a choke can be incorporated to provide the required activation pressure.  The anchoring blades cover a range of tubing and casing sizes, eliminating the need to change blades to suit each operation, and reducing the number of parts required.


 The device’s unique blade design ensures blades are retained within the body OD until the activation pressure is applied and then retracted by spring force when the pressure is bled off.  The three-blade design ensures centralisation within the tubing or casing.  The tool has a large through-bore for unrestricted flow and for the passage of drop-balls.  By changing the blades the tool can be easily converted for use as a high expansion centraliser.



Robust, Three-Blade Design for Centralisation and Stability

Unique Blade Design With a Wide Operating Range

High Expansion Ratio

Large, Unrestricted Through-Bore